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  • TDS/EC/Temp Meter, Digital Aid


    Water ionizers require a minimum level of water conductivity (TDS/EC) to produce adequate levels of dissolved hydrogen gas. If you are measuring low dissolved hydrogen levels, your source water may contain low levels of minerals required for proper electrolytic performance. A TDS/EC meter is a simple and inexpensive way to measure the mineral levels (conductivity) of your source water to determine whether or not a mineral pre-filter is required. Meter also measures water temperature, which can, in some cases, contribute to low dissolved hydrogen levels. Storage case included.

    (Minimum readings for good electrolysis performance: TDS - 100ppm; EC - 200us/cm)

    • Lock function - makes it easy to read and record, press HOLD button then remove from test solution.
    • 4 Display modes: press SHIFT button: TDS - ppm & °C, EC - µs/cm & °C, TDS - ppm & °F, EC - µs/cm & °F.

    • 5 minute Auto Shut Off feature to prevent battery drain.
    • Measurement Range:  Electrical Conductivity: 0 - 9990 µs/cm;   TDS: 0 - 5000 ppm (parts per million);   Temp Degrees Celsius: 0.1 - 80.0°C,  Fahrenheit: 32.0 - 176.0°F
    • Accuracy: ± 2%

    • Net weight: 1.94oz (55g)

    • Power: 1.5V button cell battery (CR2032, included)

    • Size: 6 x 1.2 x 0.55 inches (154 x 30 x 14 mm)