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  • H2Blue eco Hydrogen Test Reagent, 10mL

    H2Blue eco formula (non-ethanol solvent) is a reagent which can be used to measure the concentration of dissolved H2 gas (mg/L-ppm) in hydrogen-rich water. When the drops are placed into water containing dissolved molecular hydrogen, the blue drops turn clear. One 10mL bottle contains enough reagent to do approximately 50 hydrogen-level measurements. Price per 10mL bottle is 24.95. Comes with a graduated beaker/storage container and stir wand. Standard shipping is via USPS Priority (1-3 business days typical). Secure order processing is done via Paypal...No Paypal Account is Required.....select "pay with credit card" option at checkout.

      INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING: At this time we ship retail orders of H2Blue only to the contiguous 48 US states, Alaska & Hawaii via USPS Priority. Please contact us for orders to international locations.