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  • H2Blue eco Hydrogen Demo Kit, Standard, 10mL


    Use these clear glass flasks to add a degree of professionalism when using H2Blue to demonstrate the presence of dissolved hydrogen in your water (instead of doing an actual measurement of the dissolved H2 level). By using two of these flasks, one containing H2 water and the other containing bottled alkaline, tap water, etc., a side-by-side comparison can be done. Fill each flask about half way, then add a few drops of H2Blue to each. You can show that, while the H2Blue drops will turn clear in the flask containing hydrogen water, they will remain blue when placed into other types of water which do not contain dissolved H2. Flasks hold approximately 100mL; base dia, 2 5/8" (68mm); top dia, 1 5/8" (43mm); height, 4.25" (108mm). Includes one 10mL bottle of H2Blue eco formula, two flasks and graduated beaker. (flask styles may vary slightly)

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